About Us

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A Little About Us

Bella Verdi (Italian words meaning “Beautiful Greens”) was conceived in 2003 out of a desire to harness a passion for fine food and sustainable agricultural practices combined with a desire to support our community.

Dedicated to providing the finest quality product, we moved onto researching and consulted with some of the finest hydroponics experts in the world. The result of this relentless self-education process was a world-class growing facility with advanced growing systems and methods that are helping us achieve our dream of producing high-quality herbs, lettuces and micro greens using sustainable agricultural practices.

Outside of Austin, Texas in Dripping Springs is a 30,000 sq ft greenhouse that house our products. We grow Micro Greens, Culinary Herbs and Bibb Lettuce for folks throughout Texas, and beyond.

Hydroponic Farming

In our climate-controlled environment, we grow nutrient rich produce that grows faster and larger than traditional or organic produce grown in soil. Our produce is grown without pesticides or harmful agricultural run-off utilizing only Non-GMO seeds. Hydroponic farming is environmentally friendly, allows us to grow produce year-round using sustainable agricultural practices. These processes yield nutrient dense, fresh living greens grown responsibly to reduce our carbon footprint in the heart of Texas.

Benefits of Eating Local

  • Fresher Products
  • Less mileage on your food
  • Save Money & Strengthen the local economy
  • Know your farmer, know your food
  • Environmentally friendly